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Timber Frame Design Services

General Arrangements & Timber Frame

We are a whole house design consultancy meaning we can take your project from initial setting out and soleplate drawings, right through to the roof and everything in between. Using the latest software packages we can produce all manufacturing and site information based on each clients specific practices.

With over 10 years experience in the industry we understand site processes and the issues that can be faced from getting an initial design, through production to transport, and on to site. Our aim is to make this process as clear and straightforward as possible by developing a professional, personal, friendly working relationship.

Using the latest Consultec software also helps us tailor our timber frame designs to each customers requirements. The benefit of Consultec, being a very flexible piece of software, is that even if you generally use a different timber frame design package, we can fine-tune settings to still match the output you need, for you processes. Along with our knowledge of steel frame design, and roof truss design, means you can get your whole timber frame design package from one place.



Roof Truss & Metal Web Joist Design

Our resident truss designer is one of the most experienced roof truss designers in the industry, making us experts in the design and engineering of trusses, and metal web joists or cassettes, for any size building. Working with timber frame and truss manufacturers we produce all relevant manufacturing output based on our clients methods and stock.

Here at the timber Design Studio we use the Gangnail software to produce roof truss design and metal web floor designs. Working with timber frame manufacturers and masonry housebuilders, we have the capability to produce designs of endless complexities. We can work to Eurocode or BS standards depending on circumstance, make sure all metalwork fixings are engineered and suitable for purpose, and work to your dedicated stock list – meaning you have all the relevant engineering calculations for any post hand-over building control or NHBC checks.


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