• Luke Walker

The Timber Design Studio - New Website!

It's been a busy year here at The Timber Design Studio. We've been working hard trying to improve our services and our systems. We've made some great new partnerships with big players in the industry, and from this, got to work on some really exciting new projects. The future is looking bright here, and we will keep working hard to improve what we do and make the process more efficient for our clients.

Timber Frame Designer UK

It's been on the to-do list for quite some time but we've also finally got around to updating our website. Here you can find everything we're up-to, references to anybody that is talking about us, and any new services we are adding. We will also try to add images of projects we are working on, so you can see what we are doing here at the Timber Design Studio.

Timber Frame Designer UK

In an industry where no project is the same, and every new project comes with it's own set of complexities, we will feel we are now at a great growth point. Always learning is the key, and every with every new job comes a little bit extra knowledge that we can put to use for a our clients on the next job. We hope our services can help your business, and that more great working relationships can be forged

Timber Frame Designer Uk

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