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Designing Truss and Metal Web floors using Gangnail

Gangnail has been around for many years. I myself have been using it for around 12 years now. Still to this day I find myself discovering new things it can do, and better ways of using it. Versatility and customisability are it's main features, and once you learn how to use the software well, it can be used in endless ways.

Roof Truss Designer UK

Engineered Solutions

The engineering features of Gangnail mean we can work to any particular situation. Whether it's a high load roof in Ireland, requiring a Eurocode design, for a masonry build, or a BS standard load, for a timber frame job in southern England. We can adapt to the situation using the software easily and hassle free. We can provide you with all manufacturing information, cutting lists, pick lists, plate lists and calcs for particular sign-off clauses such as NHBC. No truss design is too complicated for us here at The Timber Design Studio. Whether it's Attics, raised-tie, or louvered hips - we've worked on everything.

Metal-web floor design.

More and more, the Metal-web option is becoming more popular. Known as Spacejoists in the Gangnail software, they are lightweight, and a perfect solution to allow developers to run all services through the floor zone without the need for drilling or cutting. These options come in top chord support or bottom chord. Built in horns can also give the option for on-site trimming - perfect for masonry jobs where the building size can change by the time the floor level is reached.

Everything you Need.

It's always easier to get everything you need from one place rather than multiple places. That's why we are proud at The Timber Design Studio to have the capability to design your whole construction package - including Timber Frames, Roof trusses, Metal-web floors and steel work. You get your whole kit as a construction package, done to your particular specifications and factory processes.

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