• Luke Walker

3D renderings for all you marketing needs.

As part of an ongoing program to expand the services we provide here at the timber frame design studio, we are now proud to announce we can provide your company high quality renderings of your timber frame models.

Timber Frame Designer UK

Having high quality images for your websites and brochures is a major factor in the marketing success of your business. Prospective companies love to see the finished photos of buildings, but they also love to see the process to getting there. These high quality renders draw people in and keep them on your website for longer periods and give your marketing material a more professional look.

Timber Frame Designer UK

We can produce coloured renders to distinguish floors, or realistic timber renders. Exploded and deconstructed renders can also be created. We will send you a pack of 10 different views of the finished rendered building with a fast turn around.

Timber Frame Designer UK

COMING SOON: Stop motion video of a full timber frame computer model being constructed from start to finish. Perfect for website landing pages.

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